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When a baby is born with a scratch on its head, is it a scratch from a baby brush or a scratch of a scrap?

A baby brush can scratch a baby’s head, but there’s no evidence that this occurs.

If a baby scratches its head after birth, it is most likely a scratch caused by the baby brush.

TASMANIA’S FIRST BABY WITH A SHELL OF CROSSED STICKS A few months after her birth, Alice was born with an unusual anomaly.

Her baby was born without any sign of a wound on her head.

“She had a blob of cross-linked stitched up on her forehead,” Alice’s mother, Joanne, told the ABC.

“The doctors told me that it was a blob, but she was still able to breathe.”

A specialist from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Tasmania, Dr J.W.D. Jones, had performed a diagnostic ultrasound test on Alice and determined that the blob was a scar on the top of her head, caused by a scarring of the scalp.

“It was a really big scar,” Dr Jones told the BBC.

“There was a lot of hair sticking out of the wound and the area around it was very, very swollen.”

We had to amputate that scar because it had become infected and we couldn’t get it to close up.

But it wasn’t until Alice was almost a year old that Dr Jones, along with the surgeons from the Botanic and Horticultural Centre, visited the hospital to take an MRI scan.”

We couldn’t open it up for a few weeks and then we were told by the surgeon that she had a scar,” Alice explained.

But it wasn’t until Alice was almost a year old that Dr Jones, along with the surgeons from the Botanic and Horticultural Centre, visited the hospital to take an MRI scan.

Dr Jones and his colleagues analysed the MRI image to discover that the baby had a huge scar that ran down the centre of her forehead.

The surgeon then removed the baby’s scarring and discovered that it had spread to the rest of her scalp. 

“That was a real shock,” Alice told the radio station.

It was not the first time that Alice’s skin had been affected by a baby scrape.

In the past, her mother had received a small scratch in the area of her left cheek, a mark that was believed to be from a scrap from her baby brush but was later determined to be caused by something else.

A FEW YEARS LATER The next year, Alice had another child, another baby with a scar.

This time, Dr Jones was able to use a technique called electrosurgical resection to remove the scar, but the scar remained.

After about a year, Dr Joanne’s husband, Dr Kevin, visited Alice at the hospital again to see what had happened.

“I asked her if she was having any problems,” Dr Joane recalled.

She said she had noticed some swelling around her scalp and was told it was due to the scarring from the baby scrape, but that it hadn’t affected her skin.

“At first I thought she was just a little bit pale and had a headache but I had her check out and she said she was fine,” Dr Kevin said.

Alice said that she never thought she would be able to walk again.

“That scar was something that I’d had since the age of three, and it was just not a normal scar,” she said.

“I thought I’d never walk again.”

Dr Jones had performed an MRI and it showed that the area in front of the baby was being torn apart.

“She was able, for the first few days, to walk normally,” Dr Paul said.

“But then as the scar grew and the scar continued to grow, it started to get a little bigger and I was worried about her safety.”

Dr Joanne said that the pain she experienced during the procedure had only just begun to fade.

“You could see the scar had started to fade and it didn’t hurt at all, so I think it was time to call it a day,” she explained.

“After that first scan, the swelling had gone, the pain had gone away and she was completely fine.”

Dr Paul said that it took a year before he felt that he could walk again, but he did eventually manage to walk on his own.

Now, about two years after Alice was first diagnosed with the scar from the scrape, the baby is still in hospital recovering from surgery.

If you or anyone you know has had a scratch or a scar, contact the ABC’s newsdesk on 13 14.

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