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Trump scrapes off a chunk of timber with a hand saw

President Donald Trump is scrapping off chunks of wood and using a hand tool to remove a section of the wood floor in his West Wing residence.

The scraping started Monday, according to a tweet from the president’s official account, adding: “The President has begun his ‘trash-free’ process to remove the scrap flooring.

There is no trash in the building.

There are no plans to remove any trash.

This is an important step toward a ‘trashing-free president.'”

Trump tweeted that he “started the process to get rid of the scrap room, and will have it out by Friday!”

He said in another tweet: “No trash anywhere in the house.

We are very proud of the work that has been done.

This work is a waste of money.

This waste is costing taxpayers thousands of dollars.”

Trump said he wanted to make the room “trash free,” which the White House confirmed Wednesday, adding that he was “working on that very thing right now.”

White House spokesman Michael Short confirmed that the President was scrapping the flooring and said that it would be cleaned up.

“The trash room is a part of the residence and is currently not being used, but President Trump is working on that,” Short said in a statement to ABC News.

“He expects to finish the job in a few days.”

The White House has been in the process of getting rid of furniture and other items in the West Wing since Trump took office, including furniture left behind by his predecessors.

The president is known for his penchant for scrap-building, and in 2016 he reportedly used a hand-saw to remove furniture from the West Side.

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