This is how you can get the scrap spokane heel scrap

Aug 7, 2021 News

In the summer of 2010, a man called Bob Fenton discovered he could use a scrap of wood to scrap down a sidewalk, a feat that he dubbed the “heel scrap.”

That same year, Fenton started using the scraper to scrape down the sidewalk of the old Spokane-Douglas High School.

Since then, Fentons scrap has been used to repair sidewalks and sidewalks on other city streets, and the scrap can be used for construction projects and landscaping.

Fenton’s scrap is still around, and it’s still being used to make a living.

Bob Fenton with his scrap.

Fentson uses his scrap to scrap sidewalks.

The scrap is made of 1/4-inch plywood and coated with a polyurethane sealer.

Bob is also using it to make shoes, furniture, and other items.

FENTON: This is a great thing to do because you don’t have to build anything, you can just make stuff out of wood, or scrap wood.

Now, this is not an easy thing to make, but if you don�t have to pay for it, you don.�t have a problem with that.

So you can make a lot of stuff out in a couple of weeks. And that�s a good thing.

In fact, it�s the best way to make money.

The material is made from recycled wood, but Fenton says that this material is also recycled through the scrap program.

If you know you are going to have to do something with scrap material, then use it to help build a home, he said.

And the process is easy and it is inexpensive.

FENTSON: I have scrap on my home.

I have a whole wall.

So I can just buy a piece of it and start building.

Now I can use it as a material for something.

I am able to make whatever I want.

And I am making a little bit more money.

So that is the good thing, I said.

The same can be said for the scrap he is using for landscaping, Fentson said.

It can be recycled into the landscaping or used to build a structure.

Fentsons yard is covered with scrap.

It looks like a scrap yard, but it�ll also serve as a landscaping site.

FONSON: Now, what do you do with that?

What do you make of it?

I know it looks like scrap, but how can I use it?

And it looks good.

I put a piece down, and I put the other one down, so I can see where they are.

FESTON: What is it made of?

Well, it is made out of recycled wood and the sealer that you put on it.

And then I put it up in the sky, and that is how I use this scrap.

So now I can put the rest of it on the ground.

So if you are wondering, the wood is made up of recycled material, FENTONS SAYS.

I use the wood in my backyard for landscapping and a lot more.

FORTON: So, how does it smell?

FENTIONS: Oh, it smells like it is being scraped up by the wind.

And when you scrape it, it gets pretty wet.

And you can use that to clean the sidewalk.

But it�re good, because it�ve got a really good smell.

FONTONS: Do you have any tips?

FENTSONS: Well, one thing is that you have to make sure you put a lot into it, and you have got to keep it clean, because if you just scrape it away, you get all the dirt.

FORDON: And, he says, if you take it out and put it in the garbage, it will get washed out.

It is kind of a problem.

FERTONS: And that is because when you clean the scrap off, you use it again, he explained.

And, you know, I know you want to do it, but that can be a problem because it takes a lot to get that material out, FONTINS said.

FEDON: It takes a little effort to get it off, FENTSSON said.

You know, and then, it kind of smells like it was scraped and you smell it.

FERNSTEIN: So I think I�m going to use that, Bob FENTSON said, as a reminder to make this kind of effort.

FRETTON: I hope that you can share your story with us and that this can be useful to somebody.

FELSSON: Thank you very much, Bob, he added.

FENDERSON: The Seattle Times is a member of the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

It publishes news content that is selected for its relevance and editorial integrity.

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