Copper scrap: Email scraper ‘a great tool for the scrap collector’

Aug 10, 2021 Price

Email scrapers have always been a popular way to get a hold of scrap for scrap collectors, with the most popular scraper being the email scraper, but the new copper scraper is another option for the scraper lover. 

The copper scrap can be used to send out scrap emails, it is made of aluminium and it has a flexible plastic handle.

The aluminium scrap is lighter than other scrapers and does not require the use of an electric power source.

“This is a great tool to get your scrap to the scrap collectors,” said the co-owner of Goldsmiths Gold scrap, Chris Wood.

“The copper is more durable than aluminium and the handle is more flexible than plastic.”

The scraper works by scraping away at a metal plate and sending the scrap to a computer, which then records the scrap value.

“You can send it to the right scrapers, you can send to the person who gave you the scrap,” Mr Wood said.

The scrapers’ versatility means they can be easily used to scrape the backside of a building, a scrap from the front door, a pile of wood or even a large metal pipe.

“If you want to send a scrap to someone in Queensland, they could do it for free, so why not go to a scraper in Queensland?”

Mr Wood added.

The new copper scraper is sold in Brisbane at the Goldsmith’s Gold scrap shop.

It has a metal handle, and a flexible metal handle with a flexible rubber handle.

It is designed to hold scrap.

A message on the back of the scrapper reads:”A friend of mine gave me this scraper to send my scrap to,” it says.

The message on top of the copper scrap reads: “If you are a scrap collector, you might enjoy the new email scraper from Goldsmith”.

“The metal handle is a little bit heavy and it can be a little hard to hold the scrap in the hand,” Mr Woods said.

“But you can easily lift it up and use it for anything.”

A scrap of gold from a goldsmith.

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